Friday, June 24, 2016

Man Professes Love To Nigerian Transgender,Miss Sahhara.

       Nigerian transgender Miss Sahhara has got a love interest! this facebook dude by the Okechukwu took to Sahhara's page to profess his love to her ,even said he wish they can get married..Miss Sahhara hasnt responded to his comment yet but they look so good together..What do we call them when they get married ? GAYS?...Incase you can't see what he wrote above ,kindly check below...........
           Ms sahara, u said u wana marry a nigerian guy umm, am jst thr for u,, i think abt u day and night, i read everythng abt u,, bt i wsh u wld jst allow me shw u some love,, nt sex alone, bt real love. Am tall, cute, very romantic, and emotional, babe lets live our life, no man wld jst get u better dan me, i been searchn for u thr,, pls jst inbox me, awww my sahara,, bn single, jst waitn for u,, look sweets, fuck haters, critics, ist jst me and u,

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