Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CONFIDENCE: A model's make up bag

Anywhere a model goes, the air around her should always elude confidence, please don't  mistake it as pride. Also their body language and their interaction with others shows alot about how confident a model is. As a confident model, you should be able to walk with heads held high, maintain eye contact and stand tall.  Also a model shouldn't be deterred by rejection. The fact that you were not picked for a job or a big gig several Times shouldn't reduce your cónfidence, it only gives you the drive to do better next time, putting in mind thát there are môre opportunities that will come up.

Also a confident model shouldn't be proud, rude, saucy, with a bitchy attitude, that doesnt make one confident, it only shows one's insecurities or low self esteem due to the fact that such person knows there are models better than her and she is using it as a defense technique to strive in the Industry, that cant help, what helps more is being confident. The truth is its not about having a clique of Friends, being a snub or being rude to other models and designers, being a psychotic bitch, that makes you a model, but you being humble and being yourself. A confident model is not proud or Full of herself, a confident model is Nice, not afraid to interact and make Friends. A confident model is approachable and relatable with. They are not clingy either.  Last but not the least, a confident model believes in God first, and herself. Before every casting or auditions, he or She prays to God for to take control and pray for God's will to be done if he/she knows what she is doing. Without God, you are Nothing.

A confident model must believe in herself, raise her head up high and go to castings and auditions with the believe she is the best person for the job. If eventually, she doesn't get the job, instead of wallowing in self pity and lamenting to herself of how unfortunate she is, she always believes in herself that she did her best for the job and there was a good reason it didnt work out as planned because a bigger and better gig is coming up. They look forward to the next opportunities and prepare well towards it.         Thanks for staying tuned, tune here next week for another model writeup. By Ifeling

Saturday, December 21, 2013


    Everyone believes that any model who gets discovered by á big Agency or a modelling competition, struts the runway of every big show in Nigeria, appear on magazine covers and is known internationally in the modelling Industry is a supermodel. 'NADA' That's a big misconception. The truth is there are no more supermodels. Before you strangle me, there are three categories of models. The supermodel, the powermodel and the it model.


like the originals in the vampire diaries, there are also originals in the modelling Industry. They are (1) Naomi Campbell (2) Cindy Crawford (3) Christy Turlington (4) Linda Evangelista (5)Claudia Shiffer. Only 1 or 2 of the names sounds familiar right? that's because they were the real and big models of the 80's and 90's, probably most of you were not born then right?     Why these models were big then is because they were known by almost everyone inside and outside of the fashion and modelling industry, from the fashión guru, to the average businessman to the common housewife. They were on the covers of almost every magazine, either fashion related or not fashion related. These were models who anyone who isn't familiar with the fashion or modelling Industry could relate to as a model back in the 80s and 90s. There were no restrictions when it came to them featuring ïn magazine editorials. For example Oluchi Orlandi who is known as a fashion and glamour model seen on the cover of Business Tribune, it's like a square peg in a round hole, awkward!! but it wasn't like that back in the 80s and 90s. No restrictions because there were no celebrities. Now, the era of celebrities spoil market for the models big time. Singers, artistes and celebrities are appearing more on the cover of magazines, billboards, advertisement for consummable products etc, also ads for fragrances and cosmetic line. For example, Yvonne Nelson is the face of Zaron, Tonto Dike is the face of Chocolate hair. A model could have been the face of Zaron but Yvonne was used because Yvonne could relate more to an average nigerian lady who doesn't know anything about the modelling industry but, sees Yvonne who is on screen everytime. Now you see the point. You see these models we idolize and we are so quick to call supermodels today are not even close. The supermodels were recognizable then by almost anybody in the 80s and 90s.


I'm going to be using former beauty Queen and model Agbani Darego and former face of Africa Oluchi Orlandi has case studies. The power model is one who is not only a popular model, a role model to aspiring models, have great modelling features, being paid a lot of money for jobs done, brand ambassadors, but they still have the retaining Factor called 'power' factor. Even after so many years since they have been modelling, they are still very relevant in the Industry. Agbani Darego has managed to be relevant many years after she won Miss World. Oluchi Orlandi who is the first face of Africa is also still relevant. Also International models like Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss.   Not only are these models known for their name and reputation in the fashion and modelling Industry, they also have a brand attached to them, they are enterpreneurs, have become media personalities. Lets take Agbani Darego, apart from the fact that she is a known model she now has her denim line, AD DENIM. Oluchi Orlandi is now the anchor of African Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, American Next Top Model, so you see what i'm talking about. Models often referred to as supermodels are actually power models because they have managed to stay relevant after so many years of modelling. But hold on a Sec, i'm not saying power models can't be or are not as successful as supermodels, but 'as e be, celebrities don steal their shine'.


According to one American model(no be me talk am ooo) she talk say 'all too many 'it models' are the ones called supermodel. I'd say 80% or 90% of the models today who obtain some amount of measureable success in their careers should be automatically put under the 'it model' categorically.'    I'm not saying these 'it models' are less successful than the other two categories afore mentioned, its just to create a distinction. According to the American model, 'it's hard to reach the top of the modelling game, it's even harder to remain there.' When you see them, you know them. They are the ones who win modelling competitions, beauty pageants or are first runner-ups, become popular for 10 minutes, everyone wants to work with them, they become the cynosure of all eyes, other models will be beefing , after their reign, give them 6 months , they have disappeared into thin hair, they wont be relevant anymore, just to try and remain relevant and let people look their way, they  start putting bikini photos on their Instagram page. They get involved in one dirty scandal to another, or suddenly, they develop acting talents and you get to see them in newspaper interviews were they are asked where they have been for the past 5 years, they talk about going to reinvent themselves, and  want to move into the movie Industry or become an artiste because it has always been their childhood dream. Aaargh, i get tired of their interviews on saturday and Sunday Punch. Please stop referring to her as a supermodel, because she won a competition and prior to that time, she might have done only one runway job. People don't become supermodels and powermodels overnight. 'It models' are fresh blood, new faces, everyone wants to work with them, they are tagged every designer's favourite, every model's best friend, till new fresh faces surfaces. So next time, before you refer to a model as a supermodel and powermodel, think well, does this model deserve such title?.  
     By IfelingThanks for reading. Check this space for another interesting article next week. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013


     When you hear about a casting or an audition, what comes to your mind. Is it a casting for runway, commercial or an advertorial job?. If it turns out to be a runway casting, as a model, what are expected of you going for such casting.    First of all, you read d instructions carefully:

(1) Height Requirement: most runway shows use models from 5'9 and above, but in Nigeria,i guess the height is 5'8 and above. Whichever way, make sure you know your height. If you are below 5'8, please, dont bother going, except you are extremely good, i mean your selling point(your look, your Walk, your carriage) is wow and can make the judges overlook your height. But some auditions, measure your height before walking, so follow the height requirement.

(2) Complexion: for commercial and advertorial jobs, they most times specify on complexion. Like they want dark-skinned models, light-skinned models. But for runway, most Times, they dont specify. So once again, follow instructions.

(3) Time: models should try to adhere to the time Frame given, and even possible, go early to the auditions, why?? Because there will be so many models at the audition, to be attended to well, go to such castings early.  

When you are going to castings, make sure you look refreshed, and not shabby. Use little or no makeup. Little makeup, i mean a well shaped eyebrow, not thick and heavy eyebrow, light powder, no heavy foundation and nude lipstick or light makeup. Dont usê makeup that will make you look like a clown, or you going to a party, this is a casting for christ sake, dont let the judges see you as an unserious person. Also no makeup doesnt mean u should go to the casting looking dead or shabby. Also you should go with your natural hair, if not, your hair should be packed to the back, away from your face. Avoid fringe or any type of hair that will shield your face. Futhermore, the Standard dress Code for runway castings is tank top or fitted top, with leggings or tight jeans. This should come in dull colours like white, Black, ash or brown, no Bright colours. Avoid wearing dresses, skirts or short gowns.  you are not going to a party. No jewelleries. Another point is, be confident. Walk into the casting with that courage that you are the best model for the job. When you go to castings, you see models who look better than you, taller than you, their looks fierce and all that, that doesnt mean they will be picked, because their walk might be Zero, never be intimidated. Some models come to castings, and talk about the last job they did, how many jobs they have Done, who they know, blah blah blah, like who cares, u?? dont look at them, most are fake, just trying to show off. Try and be yourself too, that will boost your confidence. Dont go to castings to try and blend or fit in if you are new in the Industry you will only embarass yourself. DON'T FAMZ. If you see a popular model, or a model you love and always wanted to meet, you can walk up to her, tell her hi, have a little chit chat, and be on your way. Dont be too clingy either.  Then lastly, be confident, smile, believe in yourself, and believe in God. Thanks for reading, visit here next week for another interesting article, love ya. By Ifeling

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Over the weekend,Balogun Tolulope of Fashion uncut media met with one of the greatest fashion icons in Nigeria,Cynosure Neville. Here is what he has to say about himself and his fashion industry

'' will be hosting my 2nd international fashion show tagged afro fashion week in paris and uk'' - Cynosure Neville

TB- people know you as cynosure,can you please tell us your real name?

My real name is Neville Noma

TB- what purpose does your magazine serve?

Cynosure- My magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine,Cynosure Magazine is a fashion and life style magazine established in 2010. We at cynosure magazine have set up a standard for meeting and exceeding client expectation through our commitment to core principles of professionalism, listening carefully to the needs of our clients and work to fulfill them. We also run a modeling outfit which is considered to be the fastest growing modeling outfit by top industry insider and we cast models for promotional works, magazine, TV commercials and billboard

TB- what was the first fashion project you embarked on?

Cynosure- It was GLITz on the runway show,Currently I am organising the sophomore edition of GLITz on the runway along side the Nigeria fashion recognition awards 2013 taking place at troy lounge beside oriental hotel vi lagos date sunday dec 15th 2013 host nollywood fast rising actor cum model ik ogbonna.. My last fashion event was held in benin and anchored by denrele edun and DAYO EPHRAIM ..my previous fashion events has featured the likes of yomi casual,UTI NWACHUKWU ,YOMI CASUAL ALVINCE , frank osodi and other notable style icons in nigeria.. This forth coming edition will feature the likes of karan igho, juliet ibrahim, adams ibrahim, alex ekubo, orezi, eku edewor, Beverly osu and many more

TB- what inspired you to pursue your career in the fashion industry?

Cynosure- My early curiosity for trends made me to be obsessed with fashion, so that channeled my love toward pursuing a career in fashion

TB- have you ever been involved in any competition(runway/fashion show)?

Cynosure- No, I have not. I have always been the boss lol

TB- how long have you been in the fashion industry?

Cynosure- Professionally I will say 3 years

TB- do you have any video links were people can see you?

Cynosure- Yes sure a lot on my twitter handle just follow @cynosuremodels and facebook:cynosure neviile

TB- apart from Nigeria and Ghana,which other country/countries recognise you(cynosure magazine) in the industry?

Cynosure- Uk and paris, will be hosting my 2nd international fashion show tagged afro fashion week in paris and uk

TB- tell us about your most embarassing moment if you can share

Cynosure- Hmmmm no I have had non

TB- what were you involved in before getting into the fashion industry?

Cynosure- Am a graduate of medical lab. tech .So I once worked in a medical laboratory

TB- where do you think your largest fan base is located and why?

Cynosure- lagos and benin, because I hail from edo state and I reside in lagos.

TB- are there any top models/designers/agencies/individuals you would like to work with in the nearest future?

Cynosure- Talking about models will love to work with agbani darego and for designers will love to work with just cavali and tiffany amber.

TB- you organise fashion shows,you have a modeling agency and you also own a magazine. How do you combine the three?

Cynosure- Yes its not really easy I must say, but am so passion and goal driven, I always want to excel so I put in my best in what ever I do and I have innovative and dedicated staffs.

TB- you came from benin to storm the lagos market,what do you think about the lagos market?

Cynosure- According to the slogan lagos is the center of excellency, the fashion industry here is the best compare to another states in Nigeria.

TB- can you describe your fashion style?

Cynosure- Am a fashion conscious individual but not a slave to trends, love wearing designers eye shades.

TB- out of all your fashion shows,which has been the most successful?

Cynosure- Yea runway ripples was so successfulBecause I made my first 3 millon. Lol

TB- what are your motives in the fashion industry?

Cynosure- To make everybody in Nigeria to be fashion receptive

TB- tell us about your relationship life

Cynosure- Am very much single but currently in a relationship.