Thursday, July 21, 2016

Toyin Aimakhu Post Cryptic Message About Her Broken Marriage On IG.

Well it looks like these two are planning on getting back together.According to actress Toyin Aimakhu's IG post (Left),she shared this pic and wrote a long epitsle about working things out and it all depends on God ......
Continue to read exactly what she said..

 The post reads: 
 If i don't say this to my fans,then i will be an ingrate,i have never seen or heard abt any breakup and fans beg this much,but pls let God take the wheels pls somethings are nice physically but not spiritually and some spiritually but not physically,God will lead me,let him lead us pls,I don't want to make any mistake trying to please you fans I really do appreciate the Love and I'm sure he does too,if God says yes no man can ever say no and if he says no then no man can ever say yes..if i don't acknowledge all ur love,pleads and messages,then i will be an ingrate.i love u all from the bottom of my heart,pls keep praying and supporting us.pls don't forget to watch Iyabadan and watchout for alakada series #toyintitans (Aunty bunmi and uncle bosunI'm sorry just have to do dis ma/sir)

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