Monday, August 22, 2016

80-year-old Male Model Is a Proof That There Is No Limit To what you can achieve

“There is no too late.” That is the case of a certain 80-year-old model. The modeling world may still be mostly dominated by people in their teens and twenties, but there are older models who are helping to change the actual face of the industry.

80-year-old Deshun Wang is one model breaking such boundaries.The actor-turned-model made headlines when he walked in a fashion show during 2015 China Fashion Week at the ripe age of 79. Not only did he strut down the runway with complete confidence, he did so while shirtless.

Wang is one of a few older models making headlines. 56-year-old Nicola Griffin only started modeling three years ago, while 60-year-old Philippe Dumas gained recognition, as well as numerous modeling contracts, thanks to his gray beard.

Wang's story highlights some very important points. It shows the need for a greater diversity in the modeling industry, and it shows that there should be no age limits on pushing yourself and pursuing your goals. Anything is possible.

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