Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ISIS uses 12-yr-old children as suicide bombers

The Islamic State terror group is now using an unprecedented number of children, called 'Cubs of the Caliphate' to launch devastating suicide attacks throughout the Middle East and beyond.
Once they are recruited by IS, the children's isolation leaves them utterly under the control of military trainers, who teach them the fundamentals of the most fascistic interpretation of sharia law.

According to IS propaganda, even small children are indoctrinated from the moment they are able to recite the Koran, into believing that the most honourable act they can perform is to die in the name of the self-declared IS leader, Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In the training camps, these children are fed a constant diet of DVDs of jihadi operations against 'infidels', which cultivates a murderous hatred of everyone but extremist Sunni Muslims. They are forbidden access to the internet and satellite television to the outside world.

The images of the boy caught in Iraq are particularly harrowing because they reveal just how young and apparently scared he was.

No one with a soul wants to see a little boy blown to pieces, even if he has been brainwashed into believing what he is doing is right. And once stripped to the waist and disarmed, the child burst into tears and yelled hysterically for his mother.

The footage may suggest IS is sending children on suicide missions without the bombers knowing they are about to be 'matryred'. 

This theory is supported by the suggestion that a child suspected of killing scores of innocents at a wedding in Turkey on Saturday night was blown up remotely by his manipulators, who used a mobile phone to detonate the explosives.

Daily Mail.com

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