Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Body On Peace Hyde Though!

 Forbes Africa correspondent Peace Hyde shared this Hourglass photo on her page and captioned it '
      W H A T • I S • A • G L O • U P ?✨... You build better SELF CONFIDENCE and your                 personality MATURES it's not just a process on the OUTSIDE. What's on the INSIDE MATTERS a lot and contributes to you becoming a BETTER PERSON. All of a sudden you CLEAR your MIND, stop settling for LESS, stop the INSECURITIES and LOVE YOURSELF. Stop addressing POINTLESS ISSUES, cut off whom you need to in order to START YOUR PROCESS, stop making EXCUSES for PEOPLE and THINGS, speak life into EXISTENCE, WORK HARD and dedicate yourself to BETTER....
Go for what you DESERVE and NOT what you are USED TO. Understand we have ALL been through rubbish, but the KEY is to get THROUGH the rubbish with a BETTER understanding of OURSELVES, our LIVES and the CHOICES we have made... YOU have got this #FaithbuilderFamily... The TIME for your ✨GLO UP✨ is NOW!......

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