Monday, August 22, 2016

V Festival 2016: Rihanna angers fans after arriving 30 minutes late for headline set

Rihanna left V Festival goers infuriated by arriving half an hour late to her headline performance at V Festival.
The pop superstar kept fans waiting ahead of her slot in Essex on Sunday night, with many complaining that they had to stand around in the rain.
After the Work singer eventually arrived on stage, she was met with boos from some of the crowd.

One person wrote on Twitter: “ I am really upset about how late you are right now please hurry it's raining @rihanna.”

Some fans even accused the 28-year-old of miming along to her own songs and even getting some of the words wrong.

“She mimed tonight as well, after being booed by fans by turning up half an hour late. Poor show by Rihanna. #PopStar,” wrote one festival-goer.

“So rihanna turns up late and mimes her whole set and yet bieber is the one being ok," wrote another.
Rihanna had faced similar backlash after her appearance at the Pukkelpop festival in Hasselt on Thursday
The star was met by a chorus of boos after she arrived on stage nearly an hour late, blaming a wardrobe malfunction.

Justin Bieber didn’t fare much better on Saturday night after fans accused of him of miming following a night out on the town.

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