Monday, June 27, 2016

Biafra: Brexit will boost our agitation - IPOB

The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) has congratulated Britons over their choice to exit the European Union after last Thursday’s referendum.
IPOB, in a statement by its Spokespersons, Emma Nme­zu, and Clifford Iroanya, ap­plauded the British Govern­ment for respecting the wishes of the people by organising the referendum.
The pro- Biafra group therefore urged the British Government which it said “is the closest ally of the Nigerian Government to, as a mark of exemplary leadership, guide President Muhammadu Bu­hari and his colleagues to or­ganize a BIAFREXIT akin to the recently organized BREX­IT”.
IPOB accused Britain of hypocrisy for giving Britons the opportunity of deciding whether or not they wished to belong to the EU on the one hand, while on the other hand are strongly opposing the agi­tation for self-rule by Biafrans.

The statement read in part: “It smacks of hypocri­sy that the same David Cam­eron that initiated the BREX­IT vote has been propping up the Buhari‘s Government in their murderous acts of sup­pressing the quest by Biafrans to exit Nigeria.
“This leaves Biafrans to ask if David Cameron’s hypocrisy is because Biafrans are blacks and if black Africans are infe­rior to white British people?”
“Why does David Cam­eron think that what is good for the white British people is not good for the black people of Africa, especially Biafrans? Mr. David Cameron, in organ­izing BREXIT, is taking advan­tage of the rights of the people to make their choice.
“But in denying Biafrans the right to choose their own nation, David Cameron is tell­ing Biafrans that they are in­ferior because of the colour of their skin. David Camer­on is directly telling Biafrans that because they come from an inferior race, they do not deserve to exist as a nation of their own choice.”
IPOB further wondered why Britain, a predominant­ly Christian country, alleged­ly derives pleasure in support­ing Muslim countries against their Christian population as is the case in Nigeria.
“IPOB have also observed with keen interest the consist­ent British Government’s of­ficial policy of not support­ing any Christian nation that needs support for independ­ence or that is going through any form of internal/external aggression.
“On the other hand, the British Government has al­ways supported a Muslim na­tion against a Christian na­tion in any conflict, just as they supported the Muslim-domi­nated Nigeria to carry out gen­ocide against a Christian Bia­fran nation between 1967 and 1970.
“By blocking the self-de­termination efforts of Biafrans through overt and covert sup­ports to Muhammadu Buhari, is David Cameron telling the world that Biafrans are still in slavery despite the abolition of slavery in 1833?

“While IPOB is not against the religious inclinations of any nation, we do note with concern the British Govern­ment’s penchant for support­ing Muslim nations against a Christian nation.”
IPOB tasked the British Government to prevail on the Nigerian Government to pro­vide the enabling opportuni­ty for Biafrans to exercise their right of self-determination as Britain had also done for Scot­land.
“There are indications that Scotland will restart their ag­itation for separation from Britain and both David Cam­eron and his would-be succes­sor will not stop them, nor will they roll out tanks and other lethal weapons to mow down the Scots like the British-sup­ported Nigeria has been doing to Biafrans.
“We have to re-emphasize here that self-determination is a right that must be exercised by all free people. Even Donald Trump, the presidential candi­date of the Republican Party in the USA, tweeted on the 24th of June, 2016 that ‘Self-deter­mination is the sacred right of all free peoples.’ “
IPOB faulted the British Government’s argument that its reason for not support­ing Biafra independence was based on its belief that Nige­ria’s territorial integrity should not be altered.

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