Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Newly-single Iggy Azalea 'gives her engagement ring back to Nick Young .

Iggy Azalea, 26, is a classy lady for giving Nick Young, 31, the engagement ring that reportedly cost him half a million dollars. However, Nick didn’t want Iggy to be the only one giving something up, so he returned a massive gift back to her as well.

After a rocky six months, Iggy and Nick called their relationship and pending engagement quits for good. Now, the pair are going their own way — but not without exchanging some very valuable gifts to each other, reports TMZ.

Iggy reportedly returned her massive yellow 10.43 carat diamond engagement ring to Nick after announcing to the public that she just could not marry a man she didn’t trust. Who can blame her for that, right?

So, in return, Nick gave Iggy the classic car she once gifted him for Christmas — a 1962 Chevy Impala. Interestingly enough, on Tuesday, June 21, the Impala was photographed being moved on a flatbed. Now the question is, will Iggy keep the classic or get rid of it? After all, it’s just a reminder of her relationship with Nick, which he ruined by cheating on her — and then bragging about it in front of his basketball buddies. Hmm.

What’s even more interesting about all of this is that according to the original report, Iggy was required by California state law to return her engagement ring to Nick once they were no longer getting married. It’s unclear if the two of them knew that before exchanging the ring for the Impala, but either way it seems like Iggy is the one who lucked out in this trade!

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