Wednesday, August 3, 2016

56-Year Old Man Spends £18k On Sugery To Make Him & His Wife Look Like Teenagers

A man spends £18,600 a year on looking good in a bid to stop his younger wife from getting fat.
Donavon Nelson, 56, has forked out thousands on cosmetic surgery plus hundreds of pounds on his rigorous fitness and grooming regime to also make him look good.

Bizarrely he claims it helps force his long-suffering wife Anna, 35, to keep up with his beauty efforts.

His three-hour-a-day habit has meant he's left looking so much younger than his real age that he's even been stopped from boarding a flight - because border guards thought his passport was fake.

The 56-year-old originally from Canary Wharf, London, but now living in Sweden, admits using three different personal trainers and borrowing his wife's Clinique cleanser.

The buff hunk said: "With my wife being 21 years younger than me, I want to maintain my body.

"At least I know if she ever leaves me I can still go on the market, I won't be left on the shelf.

"You don't want to marry one wife and find you get one free years down the line when they're twice the size. "The whole idea is to try and keep them the same way that turned you on when you first met."

Donavon looks so young he still has to carry his ID around even though he's legally been allowed to drink for nearly 40 years.

Donavon's wife Anna admits his strict regime gives her a "kick up the bum" to stay on top of her own fitness. While the 35-year-old journalist refuses to get her own personal trainer, she still works out three times a week.

She said: "We both try to stay fit and healthy, and of course Donavon's extensive regime gives me a kick up the bum.

"I do pig out occasionally though.

"Sometimes I'll have no motivation to go to the gym and he'll be out training.

"I just think, 'I'm getting fatter while he's getting fitter'.

"It's like I'm the older one and he's the younger one.

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