Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ali Baba blasts IGP, Attorney General over man who named dog Buhari, Fulani herdsmen

Renowned stand up comedian, Ali Baba, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to call the Inspector General of Police, IGP and the Attorney General of the Federation to order, following the ‘unlawful’ and ‘meaningless’ arrest of the trader who named a dog after him, (Buhari).
The veteran comedian, had yesterday weighed into the case of Joe Fortemose ‎Chinakwe who is now cooling his heels in prison for naming his dog Buhari.

Ali Baba had said he named his dogs after Abacha, Ibrahim Babangida, IBB, Obama, other foreign leaders and Obasanjo. He said Obasanjo took it in good faith when he named his dog after him.

The comedian in his opinion said naming a dog after a president should not be an issue in a country where there are other pressing issues to be attended to.

Ali baba wrote on his Instagram page that, “President Muhammadu Buhari is a respected man. He is a sitting president. Nothing should be done to discredit him, just as nothing should be done to rubbish his name.

“But to all his dogged supporters who are screaming blue mother because of the dog issue, hear this, THIS IS THE SAME PATH THAT PEOPLE WHO MESSED UP JONATHAN’S PRESIDENCY TOOK.

“You cannot tell me that in the past weeks or so that this issue of name dog or not name dog started, the people who work with or work for PMB have not brought it to his notice?

“Is that what is bothering this country? How many Fulani herdsmen who have killed several Nigerians have been swiftly brought to justice like this dog naming guy?

“We just have a bunch of senseless and jobless people swallowing panadol for another person’s headache, masquerading as patriots.

“Let me just say this one time here and I will not comment on this again. Mr. President should call the IGP and Attorney General to order.

“There are more pressing issues than the name of a dog taking over the times of our courts and heating up the polity.

“Awon Alai ni nkon se oshi (People who are not ready to do anything),” the comedian noted.”

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