Friday, September 30, 2016

Kim Kardashian NOT Making “Another Sex Tape,” Despite Report

Kim Kardashian does not want to make “another sex tape,” despite an absurd report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this seemingly made-up claim. We’re told the assertion is “false.”

According to OK!, Kardashian is “fearful” that others are trying to take her spot as one of the “most sought after women in Hollywood,” and in an effort to stave them off she’s ready to do “another porn video.” Her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J, which leaked out in 2007, made Kardashian a household name. Now, claims the tabloid, she’s ready to tape another sexcapade, but this time with husband Kanye West. The publication quotes a so-called “source” having first told Closer, “With so many wannabes trying to cash in on her success, she feels she has to do something extreme to stay at the top of her game.”

One hitch for Kardashian, alleges the repeatedly disproven magazine, is the rapper is not interested in doing it. The outlet’s supposed source claims after the reality star “suggested making a soft porn video for an upcoming track… Kanye flew into a rage.” The seemingly made-up insider adds that even though Kardashian noted they could make a “fortune,” West felt she went “too far,” and called the idea a “disgrace” and “cheap.” The specious source further contends that West blasted Kardashian for “not wanting to keep any part of their marriage sacred or private.”

OK! expresses that it feels “Kanye will have a change of heart.” And it ends its article by quoting its alleged “insider” as saying, “[Kardashian’s] hoping she can use her persuasive powers to talk Kanye into doing porn, and is adamant that she’ll get her way.”

The tabloid, however, is once again wrong. Kardashian is not interested in making another XXX video. In fact, in 2015 Kardashian told Love magazine the sex tape was her “one regret in life,” and that she’s tried to “move on and put it in the past.” Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a Kardashian insider, and we’re exclusively the publication’s premise of her looking to do a “porn video” with West is 100 percent “false.”

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