Friday, September 9, 2016

Have You Met This Woman That Vowed Never To Stop Eating.. ([Photos)

Monica Riley, 27, from Texas, already tips the scales at 700lb but dreams of being too fat to move and is working towards hitting 1,000lb so that she feels like a ‘queen’. Her boyfriend spends his days cooking Monica meals and feeds her through a funnel. He then rolls her over when her 91-inch stomach is full...........Continue reading............

The 27-year-old is helped in her goal by boyfriend Sid, who spends his days cooking for her

Monica said: ‘The plan is to reach 1000 lbs and become immobile. I would feel like a queen because Sid would be waiting on me hand and foot and he’s excited about it too. It’s a sexual fantasy for us and we talk about it a lot. He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed. The bigger I get the sexier I feel. I love my big soft belly and stuffing myself with food really turns me on. The funnel feeding is what I really look forward to. I find it to be a very sexual experience and I know Sid likes it too.”

Sid will also feed Monica a weight gain shake lavished with double cream and milk which totals 3,500 calories alone
Monica hopes to get to a size where she will be unable to do anything for herself – requiring Sid to clean her, feed her and change her – by the time she is 32.
Monica already struggles to get around but dreams of being completely immobile one day
Monica already weighs 700 lbs but is striving to be 1,000 lbs to be the world's fattest woman
Monica often wears racy lingerie in the photos she posts online
Sid often has to roll Monica over when her tummy is full and is looking forward to her being totally reliant on him when she is bed bound
On the health implication of this madness, she says, ‘I could get hit by a car tomorrow and my life would be over. At least if I die this way I will have lived out the life I wanted and fulfilled all of my dreams.’

Source: Dailymail

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