Monday, September 5, 2016

Rihanna To Dump Drake For Chris Brown Amid Reports She's Still Communicating With Ex-Boyfriend?

Is Rihanna already considering the thought of dumping Drake?
Right before Chris Brown was arrested by several police officers yesterday afternoon, Rihanna was said to have been communicating with the singer, demanding to be assured that her ex-boyfriend was okay.
As previously reported, Chris found himself in the midst of a police standoff after aspiring model Baylee Curran claimed the father of one approached her with a gun to her head and yelled at the top of his lungs that she needed to leave his house immediately.

Curran claims she was shaking after the altercation she had with Brown, which all started because she was allegedly looking at some of Chris’s jewellery — the singer seemed under the impression that Baylee might have had intentions to steal something form his home.

Chris Brown thinks the prosecutor from the Rihanna case pushed for his recent assault arrest

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) September 3, 2016
Regardless of why Chris Brown allegedly pulled the gun on Curran, Rihanna was quick to jump to her phone and send several messages to the 27-year-old, having been left worried when she heard that police officers were waiting for their warrant to enter Brown’s house.

“Rihanna’s nervous, scared and panicking over what’s happening at Chris’ house,” the insider tells Hollywood Life. “All she can think about is him and Royalty and hopes that Chris will get out of this situation. She’s been texting him like crazy and he hasn’t responded to one of her texts and that’s making her extremely nervous. She needs him to text her and say something!”

The fact that Chris reportedly didn’t respond to any of her messages seemed to freak her out even more, considering how he’s usually very quick to get back to her — even when he finds himself to be very busy, the source continued.

Chris Brown & Rihanna Fans Go Head-To-Head Vying For Super Bowl 2017 Halftime Performance!

— (@DallasBlackcom) August 25, 2016
All in all, Rihanna fears for her ex-boyfriend, especially after reports claimed that Royalty might have been in the singer’s home during the scary police standoff. And now that further information is beginning to prove itself that Curran may have lied about the gun incident, Rihanna can not imagine what Chris’ daughter must be going through right now.

While the couple haven’t been romantically linked to one another in years, Rihanna and Chris Brown have admitted in the past that they still stay in touch with one another, stressing there is no bad blood between the two whatsoever, ELLE adds.

With that said, however, Brown was not amused to find out that Drake was trying ever-so-hard to impress the “What’s My Name?” singer at the Video Music Awards last Sunday. It was evidently clear that Drake is head over heels in love with Rihanna, but according to sources, Chris thinks the rapper should save all of his romantic gestures because Rih-Rih still loves him, and he’s sure of it.

Stream Fabolous’ mixtape “Summertime Shootout 2” feat. Rihanna, Chris Brown, & Trey Songz

— Rap-Up (@RapUp) September 4, 2016
The supposed fact that Rihanna was so quick to reach out to Chris Brown before the police had their warrant and arrested the singer has shown fans just how much she still cares for the “Love More” hitmaker. It’s made some fans wonder whether this proves that Rihanna’s feelings are strong enough for her to choose her ex-boyfriend over Drake.

Is Rihanna still in love with Chris Brown? Or do you think that she’s just being a supportive friend by checking up on the singer to make sure he’s okay? Considering the fact that Drake is head over heels in love with the Bajan pop star, should he be offended that his supposed girlfriend is still reaching out to her ex-boyfriend?

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