Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When I Was A Kid,My Mom Used To Beat Me A Lot Because Of My Girly Nature - Bobrisky Reveals

Nigerian “male barbie doll” Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, aka Bobrisky, has revealed how his mother took a strong exception to his girly lifestyle when he was younger. The Ijebu Igbo, Ogun state indigene gave an insight into his growing up and how he came about the name many have come to know him with, Bobrisky.

“When I was small, till I was 16, my dad and mum called me bobo because I am the last born of the family. When I began to grow up it was still the same thing, and I noticed life was a challenge so I had to face it squarely. My dad used to say that when any of his children turned 17, he would no longer responsible and that we had to take care of ourselves because of the economy of the country. This led me to go out there and hustle. And I am from a polygamous family and my mum is the last wife. When I started catering for myself I decided to add risk because life is all about risk. Even if things seem to be falling aside you still have to continue. I have been through a lot in life and I thank God so far. So that how I came about the nameBobrisky,” he explained.

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Speaking further, the alleged homosexual insisted that he had no regrets about his lifestyle and personality, adding that his parents became aware of his girly nature since he was a kid.

“When I was a kid my mum used to beat me a lot; she would beat me and say ‘How can I drop my wig somewhere and you would go and take it, this boy what is wrong with you? I born you as a boy not a girl.’ So my dad stopped her from beating me. He would say ‘stop beating this boy or else you would kill him because what you are beating him for he would still go back to it again, just talk to him”. It got to a point when I got to the age of fifteen, my parents had to agree because they thought, how would you be beating a boy from childhood and he hasn’t changed. So they just advised me to be the best I could be. There was a time my mum hired area boys to beat me, and she even told them to beat me to stupor.”Image result for bobrisky

According to Bobrisky though, his folks had to accept him for who he was eventually especially when he started providing for her needs unlike his older siblings who only always requested for assistance from her. “But later my mother got to appreciate me because, we were three kids (two boys and one girl) and they don’t do anything for my mum, they don’t care about her, all they care is for her to bring, bring, bring. So I had this sympathy for my mum, I’m very caring, ill cook for her, wash her clothes and lots. She now thought like, I think God wanted to make this boy a woman, because I love cooking and doing lots of chores. Even till now I don’t have a house help because I am used to doing things myself. I got used to the whole feminine lifestyle, seeing the way she (his mom) dresses and makes up and my mom is a fashion freak, just let me say I inherited all from her. She really had no choice than to accept me the way I am, so she and dad gave up saying “my son, just do the right thing, live a reasonable life and bare your own kids.

“I don’t copy anybody. I act what comes to my mind, I believe I have never regretted any of my actions before even up till now that people still say shit about me, I still don’t care, am still who I am because I believe if you look at someone else’s time , your time may be different from his and you will fail. I do things the way I can do it, and if people appreciate me its fine and if people don’t, it is also fine. Because  am just myself,” the Snapchat king added.
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